Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Police Confidential by Danny Quatrochi

The Police Confidential by Danny Quatrochi
William Morrow & Co.
October 1986
128 pages

Great companion to the Lynn Goldsmith Police books (The Police and The Police: 1978-1983) at very least.

Danny Quatrochi - Sting's right-hand man (bass technician) from New Jersey and Police roadie - put forth a fantastic book. If anything it's too short considering all the Police photos he's taken. He's one of them, so you get a lot of photos with The Police's guard down.

Embarrassingly, the back cover photo of Danny (and his awesome shirt) was how I was introduced to XTC in late 87/early 88. He was sporting a dark Drums & Wires shirt which made me think - "that's a cool shirt - what does it say exactly?". So I have Danny to thank for me becoming a huge XTC fan, unbeknownst to him.

Thanks for the cool pics of Andy, Stewart and Sting Danny - and XTC rules.


  1. Funny enough, Drums and Wires was the first XTC album I heard (getting me into them as well). But back to The Police...

    Book looks interesting. I'd like to take a look one day.

  2. Actually Dave I remember. I lent you a beat up cassette copy (without the case) of 'Waxworks: Singles 77-82' which you were indifferent about. Then I lent you the D&W cassette (with case) and voila.

    About the book. I failed to mention that it's a photo book and not a bio. I picked it up when I was twelve and am only just reviewing it now.
    Stewart Copeland is also seen wearing Drums & Wires shirts in this book (and elsewhere).